Data Sets

Seagrass Monitoring in South Florida data sets. Click here to see spatial distribution of seagrasses in south Florida, time series data on abundance and productivity of seagrasses, and photos of benthic habitats.

Assessment of Nearshore Benthic Communities of the Florida Keys Click here to see spatial and temporal variations within nearshore (<1 km from shore) benthic communities of the Florida Keys.

Canal Restoration in Monroe County Interested in the water quality remediation in the canals of the Florida Keys? Check out our portion of a multi-million dollar remediation project


Courses taught by the Seagrass Ecosystems Research Lab

An overview presentation of Florida seagrass. Presented at the Keys Cultural Center, February 17, 2012

A Dichotomous Key to the Seagrass Species of South Florida.

Links to seagrass researchers and labs

Florida Coastal Everglades LTER. Click here to see the National Science Foundation's FCE LTER website.

Erasmus Darwin's Ode to Zostera

Climate scientists urge protection of coastal ecosystems -Video from Reuters international news agency featuring work from the lab.

The Seagrass Ecosystems Research Lab Facebook page has pictures and video from our projects.

Students from the Seagrass Ecosystems Research Lab visit the Aquarius Reef Base with Jim Fourqurean, Aileen Soto, and representatives from Teledyne and Contros marine instruments. See pictures and video here.

The Seagrass Ecosystems Research Lab hosts Alex Enrich Prast from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. More info here.

SERL is handling the benthic monitoring portion of the large-scale Canal Restoration Project in the Florida Keys. More info here.

Test your seagrass knowledge with SERL's own Seagrass-pardy.

The Seagrass Ecosystems Research Lab hosts Fiona Tomas Nash from the Oregon State University and IMEDEA (Mallorca, Spain). More info here.

The Seagrass Ecosystems Research Lab hosts Marianne Holmer from the University of Southern Denmark. More info here.

Click here to read "Are mangroves in the tropical Atlantic ripe for invasion? Exotic mangrove trees in the forests of south Florida".

Dr. Kimberly Yates from USGS visits FIU. More info here.

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