Commercial Sample Analysis

Our laboratory conducts analysis of commercial plant, tissue and soil samples for Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus. Rates are listed below, with Internal Rates charged to FIU accounts. We analyze Carbon and Nitrogen on a CE Flash 1112 Elemental Analyzer. We analyze Phosphorus on a UV-2101 Shimadzu Spectrophotometer using a modified colorimetric method from Solorzano and Sharp (1980). Analysis time varies based upon the current queue, but is typically < 2 months. For more information about commercial sample analysis, please contact Dr. Jim Fourqurean at

Analysis TypeInternal RateExternal Rate
Run Only Carbon and Nitrogen content$3.27$4.79
Weighed and Run Carbon and Nitrogen content$4.67$6.84
Fully Prepped Carbon and Nitrogen content$13.50$19.78
Sample Analysis for Organic Carbon content*$5.00$7.33
Run Only Phosphorus content$3.46$5.07
Weighed and Run Phosphorus content$6.84$10.03
Fully Prepped and Run Phosphorus content$15.98$23.42
Fully Prepped and Run Soluble Carbohydrate content$25.00$36.63

*For samples where Organic Carbon and Inorganic Carbon is required, charge 2x the Carbon and Nitrogen content rate, plus 1x the Organic Carbon rate.

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