Seagrass Research Laboratories and Investigators

(This list is by no means a complete listing of all scientists working on seagrasses! But it is a start.)

Alabama California Florida Maryland Mississippi 
New Hampshire North Carolina  Texas Virginia    



Dauphin Island Sea Lab

Ken Heck

John Valentine


  Hopkins Marine Station

Richard Zimmerman


San Diego State University

Susan Williams



Peggy Fong



Florida International University

Jim Fourqurean

     Brad Peterson


Florida Marine Research Institute - Florida DEP

Paul Carlson

Penny Hall


Florida State University

Rich Iverson

Skip Livingston


University of South Florida

Susan Bell


University of Maryland - Horn Point Environmental Lab 

Michael Kemp

Evamaria Koch

Laura Murray


Mississippi State University

Michael Sullivan


University of Southern Mississippi

Cynthia Moncreiff

New Hampshire:

University of New Hampshire

Fred Short

North Carolina:

National Marine Fisheries Service - Beaufort Lab

Mark Fonseca

Jud Kenworthy

Gordon Thayer


University of North Carolina - Wilmington

Mike Durako


University of Texas Marine Science Institute

Ken Dunton


University of Virginia

Karen McGlathery

Jay Zieman


Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Robert Orth

Richard Wetzel

Kenneth Moore