SERL Students visit Aquarius

Christian Lopes, Alex Perez and Jason Howard became the first students from FIU to visit the Aquarius Reef Base since the university took over management from UNCW earlier this year. Jim Fourqurean, the Director of Marine Education Research Initiative at the Aquarius, and the Aquarius crew hosted the students along with Aileen Soto, the Florida Keys Marine Education and Outreach Director. The director of research and development of Contros Systems, Peer Fiestzek, and Teledyne RD instruments representative Paul Devine also visited the habitat to examine a potential site for new monitoring instruments.


Jim Fourqurean gives a tour of the Aquarius Shore Base

Jim Fourqurean, Aileen Soto, and Christian Lopes under the Aquarius wet porch

From left to right: Aileen Soto, Paul Devine, Christian Lopes, Peer Fiestzek, Jim Fourqurean, Roger Garcia, Jason Howard, and Alex Perez

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